Marc L. Vogler
komponist | pianist | dirigent

BIOGRAPHY (english)

Born in 1998, Marc L. Vogler developed an early passion for music, taking his first piano lessons at the age of four. He continued his passion ever since.  

Since 2013, he has been a student of Rainer M. Klaas, Tobias Koch and Paulo Álvares, classical pianists.

During this time Vogler has won several national music awards, among them: the piano competitions “Jugend Musiziert” 2013 and 2014, the Westphalian “Van-Bremen-Klavierwettbewerb” 2013 (William-Bolcom-Special-Prize), in 2015 the composition competition “Jugend Komponiert” (first release of the award winning composition “Oszillation” at the Champions Concert in Cologne 2015). Further activities in addition to classical piano include: organ, timpani and percussion, saxophone and choir accompaniment. Additional lessons, among others, with Clemens Rave, Marc-Pierre Toth, Ulrich Schultheiss and at an orchestra seminar at Westphalian Academy of Music in Heek 2013. Vogler celebrated his orchestra debut in November 2015 with an outstanding performance of Sinfonietta Hungaria.

Vogler was engaged to play as a member of the Youth Orchestra Musiktheater in Gelsenkirchen, a renowed opera house throughout the region and beyond. He continued there doing internships in the area of correpetition and stage direction. He received a grant for classical chant lessons with Mario Hoff of Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln.In summer 2016, at the age of 17 he finished school with the qualification Abitur (university entrance level) with the average mark of 1.0 and continues his path with academic music studies in Düsseldorf and Cologne majoring in composition (Prof. Manfred Trojahn & Prof. Brigitta Muntendorf), orchestra conducting and piano.

By far, his major accomplishment during the years 2014-2016 was the world premier of his modern satirical opera “Streichkonzert – Con Brio ohne Kohle” performed on January 15. 2016 at the Musiktheater Gelsenkirchen of which he is not only the composer but also the librettist. The opera, in two acts, included twelve professional opera singers and a slightly reduced orchestration. The sold-out performance, under Vogler’s musical and theatrical directorship, was a total success. Both the media and a thrilled audience praised “Streichkonzert – Con Brio ohne Kohle” with several standing ovations. This event gave him the opportunity to establish himself in the world of well-known classical music festivals and obtain engagements throughout Europe (Artist in Residence in France, world premiere of his “Ave Maria” in Milan Cathedral – Italy in 2018, interview in the German current affairs magazine Der Spiegel).